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i'm having a bit of a personal crisis and will be moving in a rush.  would anyone be interisted in any cool ikea furniture that i've only had since august?

i have two of these.  one looks like this and it's red and the other is the vertical version and it's green.  they are really great storage items, and have locking doors.  i want to rebuy them when i reach my destination!

this could be the coolest bed ever.  i loved it.  it's taken apart now so it would be easy to transport.  it's FULL size (no matterss) which makes it even cooler.  i'd sell it on ebay if i had more time.

this desk that i LOVE, it's like the picture, but red on top and the feet are red.  it has knobs (also red) that can make it taller or smaller.  it's a great desk or i've also used it for photography.


if you are interisted give me (brooke) a call at 913-338-2498 and we'll talk about the details.  you can also email me at brooke (at)  i'm having a bit of a personal crisis so i hope you'll forgive me for posting this in here!  i'm having to pack up and get out asap and the less stuff i have to bring the better.  i'm in love with my ikea stuff, but don't want to rent a truck to move.


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"Exit Strategies" by Catherine Todd

Just finished Exit Strategies and it is good. There are many twists and turns and who done it. It took a few chapters to get into it and then I was hooked. Catherine did excellent character development and keep you reading until the end. With many plots intertwining, you had to keep which character was in which plot. Don't want to give a lot of the story away, but 1st wife gets stiffed by trophy wife after husband dies and wants to keep all of the inherantice instead of paying for 1st wife's children's college educations. And then the twists begin to happen. Recommend if you like mysteries and plot twists. I figured the end out just before I read it.

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can anyone recomend a cozy independant/used bookstore in the overland park/119thstreet/olathe area?  i'm new to the area and looking for something more interisting than borders (although i am not against borders, i like their selection of history books) ... some used bookstores would be great for my budget.
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What Would You Take?

I was watching the 1960 version of The Time Machine on TCM last night. At the end of the movie, the Time Traveller leaves and takes three books with him to rebuild civilization. No one knows which three he took, but his friend poses the question, "Which three books would you take?"

I think I'd take:

- Transgender Warriors by Leslie Feinberg
to show them that the male/female binary illusion is just that: an illusion, and also to teach them that being male/female is not more or less than being female/male.

- something by the Dalai Lama, like An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life
I think there's not enough compassion in the world in general right now, so that would be something I would want to fix.

- a book I love to read over and over, like Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli or Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
Because I believe showing people how much you love books encourages them to read and find books they love too. Plus, I'd have to have something to read, I couldn't go long without it.

A Novel Idea X posted from my journal

Well, I did it (gulp)I signed the lease! My used bookstore is going to be a reality afterall! (excuse me while I run around and scream a bit!!!!!!!!) I have wanted to do this for years.

My shop will be named A Novel Idea hence the subject of my entry. The location will be in downtown Lee's Summit, MO. I thought about the midtown KC area but there are allready lots of used bookstores there. Lee's Summit is close to me as I live in Raytown. I am excited to get an affordable place in this area. There are lots of small businesses and foot traffic so that is a good sign.

The actual address will be:

118 SE 3rd Street
Lee's Summit, MO
(It is at the corner of Jefferson and 3rd)

There is a music store in there now that is moving. They have been there 5 years and our now moving to a larger space. So I get posession of the space on March 1st. I am not going to do a whole lot of interior renovations. Mostly pulling up carpet (I am hoping for hard wood underneath..if not then I will have consider what my options are) right now there is funky orange carpet in there...not gonna keep that!

I am also going to paint as the walls are just white now. I am going to go with a combination of earth tones for the colors.

I plan on having all generes with the exception of the serial romances.

I will have a better idea of when i will be painting and such in a few weeks. If any body wants to help paint, organize books, move around bookshelves, etc....I will so be appreciative of it! I would like to start with a painting day and get a bunch of people in there to help. We can turn up the music and have fun. Pizza and brew on me!

I am going to wonder off and be giddy now! heeee!
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My Book Buying Binge

It's been at least a year since I've gotten to by any books that don't have to do with computer stuff. Last night I took my partner out for dinner for Valentine's Day and she took me to Barnes & Noble afterward.

Here's what I picked up (don't ask me when I'll have time to read them, though):

Inferno by Dante Alighieri - which is *not* located under D for Dante, dammit. I thought Dante was his last name. If it wasn't for their special classics display, I never would have found it.

The Time Machine/War of the Worlds combo book by HG Wells - they had a couple of different combos of his books and I debated getting The Invisible Man, but I went with this one because... I dunno. I like the War of the Worlds and haven't read The Time Machine yet.

Neuromancer by William Gibson - I heard about this one on TechTV. Apparently it's a geek classic. They interviewed William Gibson on The Screen Savers about a month ago and I've been wanting to check it out.

Groovitude: A Get Fuzzy Treasury by Darb Conley - This is quickly becoming one of my favorite comic strips. They're just too crazy. I'm subscribed to the LJ GF feed but wanted my own copies of his stuff. It's just hilarious.

For the kids:

Voyages of Dr. Doolittle by Hugh Lofting - my kids love animals (what kid doesn't) and I think the 8 year old is just about old enough to be able to read this one. I've always enjoyed the movie, so I'm hoping it's a lot like the book.

Two more Magic Treehouse books - the 8 year old is begging for these every day now. She read the last one in less than a day. I wish the local library had some, but we live in the boonies.

Finding Nemo storybook - the 5 year old is a Nemo addict. She's got the whole movie memorized, down to the syllable.

We debated getting Alice in Wonderland, but all the copies were in British English. I could understand what they were saying, but I don't think the kids would get it just yet.


I have recently joined kcbooklovers.
Currently I am in a reading slump. I have been having trouble finding something that has really captured my interest. I am re-reading 'Forest of the Heart' by Charles De Lint. He is one of my favorite authers. I will start to read about anything, but love fantasy and mystery.
Any reading suggestions would be appreciated.
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Tonight, I finished They Say She Tastes Like Honey, and I must say it had an unexpected slight twist to the end. The more I got into it, the more I discovered it(in my opinion) to have maybe a (the film)Hope Floats feel to it...sharing several amusing situations,( see the Baby Jesus Head incident :P ) while not neglecting to counterbalance the tone of the book with a couple of tear-jerking moments, as well. Overall, I s'pose, it gets my thumbs up :)
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Hello, and happy Saturday, fellow book lovers :) I'm Christine. and I(obviously) just joined this group. I am continuously looking for something to stimulate my it in the form of self expressing music, thought provoking films, engaging conversation, or of course, an all around well written BOOK :) I used to me a member of a local group called Literary Lesbians...but my active schedule doesn't necessarily allow time for the meetings. I figured this would be as good a place as any to discover some wonderful literary finds :)
Currently, I am going back and forth between 2 books. One is called One Door Away From Heaven(by Dean Koontz). I am only about 200 pages(out of close to 700) into it...but so far, it is a web of mystery following 3 different plot lines to where I've yet to find :) It's very intriguing.
The second, They Say She Tastes Like Honey( it's not what your're thinking, really ;) ), is more lighthearted and upbeat. It is witty and an easy read...a (fictional)first person look at the life and love of modern, and ever suave lipstick lesbian, Macy Delongchamp.
I can't wait to them both!

My tastes in books tends to lean toward either the horror/mystery/suspense or romance(of the lesbian nature) genre, depending on my mood...with a non fiction psychology based book thrown in, here or there.
Any recomendations would be appreciated!