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Need some Pharmacology books?

Take your pick of over 100 Pharmacology books! Textbooks, research books, topical books, I've got it all.

Sample titles:
Receptors as Supramolecular Entities [Hardcover]
Side Effects of Drugs Annual 22 [Hardcover]
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (Principles of Medical Biology, Vol 8]
Principles of drug action;: The basis of pharmacology
Advances in Drug Metabolism in Man [Hardcover]
Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapeutics Manual [Paperback]
Principles of Genetics
The P2 Nucleotide Receptors (Receptors) [Hardcover]
Chemotherapy: An introductory text
Developmental Neurochemistry [Hardcover]
Neural aging and its implications in human neurological pathology
Brain neurotransmitters and receptors in aging and age-related disorders
Gaba Receptors
The Alpha-1 Adrenergic Receptors

Many more! Peruse the books, name your price, take them home. E-mail me (sweetpagosa@yahoo.com) if you're interested.
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