Stephanie Persephone (sisterstephie) wrote in kcbooklovers,
Stephanie Persephone

BookCrossing meetup Tomorrow (August 10th, 7 PM)

Hello everyone. There is a Kansas City area BookCrossing meetup tomorrow, 7PM, at Broadway Cafe (4106 Broadway St - KCMO). The last time I went to a meetup we swapped books and talked about our latest reading material.

If you are interested in BookCrossing, this is a great meetup to attend. I'll give out informational brochures that explain BookCrossing, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask KC area members some questions. I'll also have tons of "BookCrossed" books to give away, as will others.

For more information about this meetup, please visit:

To read about BookCrossing, please visit here:
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