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What I'm reading

It's been awhile and thought I would drop some book titles I have read or what I'm reading now.

I'm reading now: "Interview with a Vampire" by Anne Rice and "Ordinary Life" by Elizabeth Berg.

Just recently finished "Cloud Nine" and "Firefly Beach" by Luanne Rice. If you are into general fiction with a touch of romance (not like the Nora Roberts or Danielle Steele's romance's) check these out. Luanne Rice is very good and I'm working on reading her whole collection. I know I have a lot to go, but when you find an author you enjoy and want to read more of it is well worth it.

I'm starting to venture out to more authors and hopefully I have found some new ones that I will enjoy. My shelf of unread books is overwhelming, but hey, reading a good book in a cool bubble bath is a wonderful thing on a summer evening when your stress level is high as a kite and the temp outside is nearing 100 degrees.
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